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Living in Southern New Mexico

Dusty and Brown

Two weeks ago we had the coldest weather that I have experienced since I moved to Las Cruces. The official temperature dropped to 1 but the  outside thermometer at my house registered -7. The cold weather caused electrical blackouts, frozen … Continue reading

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Storm in the Desert: The Aftermath

After a brutally cold couple of days, our temperature is going to be in the mid-50s’ today and get up to 65 by Tuesday. What the recent weather revealed is that our regional energy infrastructure is on life support. We … Continue reading

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Cold and Snow in the Desert

Although we usually get a couple of snowfalls each winter, each time it happens we seem to be totally unprepared for it. It started snowing last night and by this morning I had received about 2″ in my backyard. The … Continue reading

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The Las Cruces Palette

Las Cruces has experienced high growth in the last 20 years, much of it occurring in the area where I live (east of I-25 and south of US-70) . Some of this area was BLM land as recently as 15 years ago. … Continue reading

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Going Solar

I am increasingly discouraged about the environment. The clean-energy movement has stalled. The global warming-deniers are everywhere, even in New Mexico which provides the best possible environment for clean energy. We have abundant sunshine and abundant wind. New Mexico has … Continue reading

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The Semiotics of the NM License Plate

Every state’s vehicle license plate tells a story. The plate typically displays the state’s motto, uses state official colors, and typically contains state-specific symbols. Plate design used to change from year to year but state officials must have gotten wise … Continue reading

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Golf Courses I Have Known, Part 1

This is the beginning of a multi-part post on various golf courses that I have played (at least 5 times). I’ve included courses where I played regularly and other courses which tell a story. Follow the links to Google Maps … Continue reading

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