Cold and Snow in the Desert

Although we usually get a couple of snowfalls each winter, each time it happens we seem to be totally unprepared for it. It started snowing last night and by this morning I had received about 2″ in my backyard. The temperatures have plunged to 10 degrees with an expected high today of 24 (as opposed to our average of 59 for this week of the year).

This is puny as snowfalls go in the upper Midwest but it appears to have shut down Las Cruces: The schools are closed, NMSU and the community college are closed, City Hall is closed, White Sands Missile Range is on a delayed opening until this afternoon, our local NPR station went off the air around 7:15 this morning, and El Paso Electric is running out of electricity and has asked businesses to close both here and in El Paso.

I can understand school closings since we have no plows, no salt, and hills. (We do have a lot of sand but no delivery system to get it on the streets). The streets are slick and traffic on Roadrunner has slowed down from the usual 45 MPH to 10 MPH. White Sands Missile Range sits on the other side of the Organs and the St. Augustine pass rises up about 3500′ from the valley.  But the electrical infrastructure going kaput–that says a lot about El Paso Electric. Must be all those space heaters in operation!

The sun better come out quickly so I can generate some electricity.


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