An Interactive Network Diagram

I previously promised that I would blog about some really cool charts and this is example #1.

This network diagram was created by the New York Times interactive media team and is implemented in Flash. I’ll provide a number of examples from the New York Times in fugure posts–they really do a bang-up job.

This diagram tracks comments about presidential candidates made by other candidates in debates before the Iowa caucuses.

This diagram is data rich. Each arc across the circle represents a reference made by one candidate about another candidate. Each slice within a candidate’s segment represents a debate the total width of the candidate’s segment represents the number of words spoken by that candidate. It’s hard to believe, but both Obama and Clinton were much wordier in debates than Biden. The network is interactive. If you hover over a candidate’s segments, only that candidate’s incoming references are shown.

When you start at individual candidates, it’s fairly clear that the front runner in each party at the time was taking the brunt of comments. Everybody was attacking Hillary.

I like this example of a network diagram because it is data rich, it does tell a story, and because it is so interactive, let’s you explore in some detail the interactions within debates. Follow the link and play with it.


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