2 Tidbits From AZ

The poor blogger always blames her tools. I’m on the road and working with a little netbook, so posts this week will be much shorter.

I’m in Arizona today and wondered what it was going to be like after the tragedy in Tucson on Saturday. A rotating billboard on I-10 in South Phoenix expressed condolences to “our neighbors in Tucson” over the tragedy. The Arizona Republic coverage on the debate about root causes and gun laws in Arizona is surprisingly (at least to me) balanced. Giffords’ opponent replaced his campaign website with “In the wake of the stunning tragedy, may prayers are with Rep. Giffords…Senseless acts of violence such as this have absolutely no place in American politics.” This is an amazing act from a man who last year invited supporters to shoot “a fully loaded M16” as part of his effort to defeat her.

Something good has to come from this tragedy.


Last year, most of the rest areas in Arizona were closed because of the state’s budgetary crisis. Things must be looking up because they are now open and well maintained. I make the trip from Las Cruces to Phoenix three times a year and keep awake with hefty doses of caffeine-laden coffee. I was SO happy to see them open today.


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