Tragedy in Tucson

Tragedy in Arizona


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5 Responses to Tragedy in Tucson

  1. Jon Arnold says:

    From what I have been able to gather, the shooter was mentally unstable and clearly exhibited that for years. The failure of appropriate action to bring him to the attention of authorities may have allowed this tragedy. He wouldn’t have been able to legally buy a pistol. I haven’t seen as yet that he was influenced by political rhetoric, but the investigation is young. So far, I can only conclude that the NPR/PBS/MSNBC echo-chamber causes “jumping to conclusions”. It was a pretty venn diagram.

  2. ViAnn says:

    Actually he passed the instant background check and no permit is required to carry a concealed weapon in Arizona.

    Also note that the political environment in Arizona is “over the top” and Gifford’s office was trashed after she voted for health care reform.

    • Jon Arnold says:

      If he had been diagnosed he wouldn’t have been able to legally buy a gun, or, carry an illegal one. But do either of us think the legality entered his mind?

  3. ViAnn says:

    I agree that he could have obtained a gun illegally in Arizona with a bit of extra effort. They’re ubiquitous there because it is so very easy to get a gun legally in the first place. Here’s a sad commentary on the tracking of potentially dangerous mentally ill people in the U.S.:
    Loners like Tucson gunman ‘fly below the radar’ .

  4. Sarah Adams says:

    I would be more inclined to think guns are a problem except that if you look at crime in countries where are guns are outlawed, violent and property crimes skyrocket. The shooting in Tucson is a prime example of how people blame a factor that really isn’t the root of the problem. This tragedy happened less because of “loose gun laws” and more about the mental health care system failing this guy. I’ve been in the mental health care system for years now and I can tell you what a struggle it is to get help. I know how the system works so I know how to work with it so I get the help I need. Very few people are aware of their rights as a patient or aware of the fact that they have a right to have your mental health conditions treated properly and effectively. I’d like to stop seeing people blame guns. Guns don’t random jump up and shoot people. Guns don’t get angry or frustrated and randomly jump up and shoot people. But by all means, lets just ban guns because most of the population is misinformed about them. The number of people killed with their own firearm is a fraction of what the media reports. Usually when someone is injured or killed by their own firearm it’s because that person wasn’t trained properly in how to use it(you can’t get a gun for ‘protection’ and then keep it in a shoebox or desk drawer and the first time it gets used is the night a burgler breaks in) And what happens if we ban guns? People will use knives. Outlaw knives and people will use clubs. It’s never ending. People will always be violent. There’s always going to be people that hurt others. Guns don’t make people hurt others. Guns don’t encourage violence. Furthermore, not all legal gun owners are vigilantes. The number of people with legal firearms that use them to commit crimes is just under 1% The general public thinks it’s worse because the media gets their hands on stories like the Tucson shooting and the won’t let it go. I don’t know what it’s like anywhere else but in Tucson every single newscast is starting out with some story that is tied to the shooting. One last point I would like to make is that Giffords has always been firearm supporter and I will bet that down the road, you aren’t going to hear her screaming about more gun control. More gun laws won’t make them go away. I am so very sorry for the lives that were lost and the many more that were deeply affected by this incident. What’s worse is that a child was killed; a baby at the very start of her life. A life that will never been lived. It’s tragic and the reality is that the man in custody might never have done this had he been effectively treated for his mental illness. We will probably never know. In a situation like this, no one wins. My heart goes out to everyone touched by this senseless act. God bless you all.

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