Winter Golf

The Scots say that there is no such thing as bad weather for golf, just inadequate clothing. With temps in January ranging from the morning lows in the teens to mid-afternoon highs in the low 60s, layering is essential. I use a long-sleeve tee shirt, wind shirt, and jacket. I use a warm headband to protect my ears. I take gloves with me but take them off when hitting full shots. As long as it doesn’t get windy and the sun is shining, I’m comfortable. While low humidity helps during hot weather, it makes cold temperatures feel even colder to me.

We occasionally have a “frost” delay but if everything is frozen solid, off we go. Getting the tee into the frozen ground tends to be tricky. The first 1/4″ is frozen solid but after that the tee will go into the ground easily. I start looking for somebody else’s hole upon approaching the markers or try to twist the tee into the ground.

Frozen fairways contribute to massive amounts of roll but the difficulty in hitting the ball solidly off the turf more than offsets the roll. The greens aren’t as fast as you might think because they haven’t been mowed and feature a thin layer of water sitting on top of the frozen turf while defrosting.

Another advantage with cold weather is that everyone moves around the course a lot quicker. It’s just not worth the sting of the cold to look for that ball.

So, how was it today? The parking lot was very empty @9:15–our first clue that it might not be the best day for golf. The sun was visible through the overcast and there was no wind, so we teed off. But the sun never really came out and the wind started picking up from the North. I kept the winter golf gloves on for most of my shots. Our foursome started talking about quitting on the 5th hole as we played into the wind. We played nine and went into the clubhouse to warm up. The green enchiladas were especially tasty!


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