Carpe Mañana

I think the state motto of New Mexico is Land of Enchantment but it should really be Carpe Mañana. Things get done very slooooowly in Las Cruces. Consider the saga of the city dog park. There are lots and lots of dogs here and the Animal Control trucks are out patrolling for unleashed dogs. The dog park coalition was organized to get an off-leash dog park built in town. They went to the state looking for funds and were able to get $150,000 to build the park on unused city property (formerly a trash dump).

It took at least three years after the money was appropriated for the dog park to be built. Because it was designed w/o any lighting (a major oversight IMHO), the Dog Park Coalition raised money for a light. That took over 18 months. The light was ordered and delivered in 2 months. It took the city workers over a month to install it. The high-tech, state of the art, solar light doesn’t quite work right and who knows how long it will take to get it fixed.

Get’er done is an alien concept here.

PS (1/17/2011): City workers replaced parts in the light last week and it’s been working correctly for a couple of days.


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One Response to Carpe Mañana

  1. Joan says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you can keep your resolution. I get to mine seasonally.

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